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Professionalism at its BEST! Brass is extremely creative, punctual, thorough, QUICK, proficient to detail, and communicates very efficiently and in a timely manner. She does a great job of making your regurgitated ideas a clear and precise visual. For me, as not being too artistic, I can only explain so much what I would want, but Brass does a tremendous job bringing my confusion to light with clarity. I HATE having to be running behind someone who is doing work for me, but with Brass, that annoyance is at ease as she would give me daily follow-ups if needed. I HIGHLY recommend Brass.Angel for ANY graphic and social media work, as you would not be disappointed!! ☺
— V. Johan Oliver, SME Strategy Consultant

Brass.Angel is the truth. Her professionalism and detail orientation makes me comfortable with trusting her with the completion of any task. She’s timely, communicates well, and the finished edit is usually clean and requires little to no revision. I can trust her with any and all write ups and images. She takes pride in the finished product. Hire Brass, you’d be happy you did. I am, so she’s stuck with me! ヅ
— Mz.Wire, CEO of Braided By Wire

Focused. Driven. Passion. Style. Bold. Unique. All words of truth when it comes to this extraordinary entrepreneur Sheroma Hodge-Philip. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sheroma and she’s always proved to be professional, kind and knowledgeable of whatever project/challenge that came her way. Her success isn’t by chance as she’s humble in all areas of interest and guided by the determination to succeed. I’m not only amazed by her skills but inspired by her character as she continues to excel. The sky isn’t the limit for Brass and I proudly recommend her for any job within her areas of concentration!
— Kristin Frazer, Orchestrating Producer at Trefle Designs

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative. Brass is a true Jane of all Trades. Makeup, Photography, Graphic Design, Logos, TV Host, Videographer and a great Manager! Super organized and thorough in everything she does. A wonderful individual, I rate her #1!
— Drastic, Award-Winning Singer, Grammy Nominated Songwriter

Sheroma is a very talented multimedia professional who takes pride in her work by paying attention to every detail. She shows extreme dedication to any project she undertakes and does not hesitate in finding ways to improve her skills. She’s efficient, well-organised and has excellent time management skills. Most of all, Sheroma is a team player.
— Mialisa Fenty, Media Professional

Sheroma is incredibly dedicated and committed to her work. I had the pleasure of working with her on a couple projects including her short film. Her focus and ability to just keep going until she got the project done was simply amazing. Anyone would be lucky to have her as part of their team.
— Kaiel Eytle, Chief Creative Officer at Reelvibez Studios

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative. Sheroma Hodge-Philip is a very talented beauty expert and photographer. I had the pleasure of working with her on various fashion shows including Summer Sizzle BVI. Her ability to handle the work under pressure situations was flawless. Her skills as a make-up artist were exceptional and her love for her art was easily noticed by the entire production team. I would highly recommend Sheroma to any production company or client considering her services.
— Terry Donovan, Fashion Creative Director

Sheroma is a breath of fresh creative and professional air. Always passionate about whatever she sets her mind to, her talents easily shine through her work which essentially speaks for itself. I’ve seen Sheroma wear many hats not so much in attempt to be a Jane of All Trades, but more so to take full advantage of what she’s truly passionate about. I’ve worked alongside her in the creative field, seen her amazing make-up and photography work and even had the opportunity be photographed by her for my own portfolio. She’s truly a creative at heart and a dedicated worker to the core and would definitely serve as a worthy asset to any creative team!
— DMAC, graphic designer & model

Sheroma is a very talented young lady. Her work was very impressive, that’s why I chose her to do my very first photo shoot. A true professional, very down to earth and knowledgeable about everything she does. I also had the pleasure of working with Sheroma in the corporate world where of course she’s just as good. I would recommend her to anyone!
— Robyn Kelly, Accounting Professional

Many in this life have been blessed with gifts. Many have been born with incredible talents. The thing that sets Sheroma apart from most is her drive. She puts the things that she has been blessed with to use and it honestly seems like anything she focuses her energies on becomes a success. Her slogan “Jane of All Trades” is the truth. The world needs more like her to help inspire others to reach their true potential as she has.
— Kirk Adams, Singer-Songwriter

A natural talent, beauty and great friend, that is Sheroma Hodge-Philip aka “The Queen” as I affectionately call her. The Queen has worn many crowns as a pageant title holder and many more hats as a talented Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Model, Manager, Filmmaker, Photographer, etc. I have had the pleasure of working alongside her on music video projects as well as having the pleasure of photographing her for the close of her reign as Ms. British Virgin Islands 2010-2011 and her preparation for the Miss Universe pageant 2011 held in São Paulo, Brazil. The Queen’s exceptional talents and strict professionalism shines true in her work every time and her friendship and ability to work well her clients or just helping out a friend on a project is what makes her that “Brass.Angel” you may know her as. Long live The Queen…
— Ricky Joseph, Photographer & Creative Director

Brass is incredible to work with! From start to finish, my experience with her has ALWAYS been a memorable, comfortable and an extremely enjoyable one. Her electric personality illuminates the room thus giving us as clients that extra “umph” to deliver. I usually get lost in the moment with her as she effortlessly paints a scenario where I am allowed to be open, wild and free. The energy is always high on set and there’s never a dull moment. From the first time I met her, we connected and I knew that we’d always have AMAZING shoots and end results because she understands exactly what I need. I always say, Sheroma will ALWAYS be MY special photographer. I’ll fly her to anywhere I’m at. I look forward to my next shoot!
— Travie Rozae, Model & Photographer

I worked with Brass for a photo shoot. While on a trip to Antigua in October I had already made it pre-planned that I had to work with Brass for my album cover photo for my new single and also to add promo pics for my package. Her work was exquisite! She handled my makeup work like the pro she is! I felt quite comfortable as she directed me in ways that made me think ‘I feel like Tyra ☺’. I, Kim Nain, recommend you all to employ Mrs. Sheroma “Brass.Angel” Hodge-Philip to handle ALL your photography and makeup needs (plus she has other titles too!). Very talented!
— Kim Nain, Singer-Songwriter

First of all, she is gorgeous! I’ve had the pleasure of framing her up and she is so much fun to work with. While she is the no nonsense type when it comes to her craft, she enjoys a good laugh while getting her work done. I was able to see her grow over the years and she takes her craft very seriously and is professional in every aspect of it. Sheroma is truly a Jane of all trades and I would definitely recommend her for any of the trades that she specializes in. I am very proud of her!
— Kevon Richardson, Photographer

“Jane of all trades” is the right quote to put to her name… I always can hear her telling me “If I can clone myself a few times I think things would run even smoother”. She is really professional about her work and craft, on point, punctual and dedicated to her work. Knowing and working with her, I know she is a serious individual and self-motivated. No doubt in my mind that she will make it far…
— King Shya, personal trainer & rapper

I have had the divine and wonderful experience of working with Sheroma and also the distinct pleasure to be a close friend. Of all those that I have worked with she is the easiest and most fun person to work with. She is very well balanced with all aspects of photography and an excellent artist with abstract photos, of which I absolutely love.

Sheroma is an intelligent and motivated individual who will not just point the camera at you and shoot, but will work to bring out the best that you can achieve all the time. You can only be blessed in her presence and to work with her is a dream. I trust her vision and her work because she is the best at what she does.
— Ritseeniyah, Singer & Entrepreneur

Brass knows just how to bring out the art of DECKARY!
— Velvet, stylist & style icon, deckary

Professional at all times and a great creative person to work with.
— shermain jeremy, personal style and image consultant

I have hired Sheroma twice for portrait photography and have been extremely pleased with her professionalism and quality of work. Sheroma produced a high quality product for me in a timely manner and she was a pleasure to work with on the shoots. She has an eye for detail and has the ability to draw the best out of the non-model (like myself) to create truly stunning work. Whenever I need photography of myself, Sheroma is the first photographer I think of.
— Richard Georges, Author & Illustrator

Sheroma is a lovely person. Knowing her as a God-sister, stylist, make-up artist, photographer and of course a friend, I have seen her blossom and transition through many facets of her life. She has a passion for all that she puts her hands to and has a vision to attaining those goals. In one word, Sheroma is an artist. Her work is portrayed in her various talents and it is all tied together with her winning personality. Her canvas? Photograph paper of course. It is only a matter of time before Sheroma makes it to the mainland mainstream, for as far as I am concerned she has already made a name for herself in the Caribbean!
— Dr. Aasha Flax-Miller, Medical Professional

Sheroma was a lifesaver on my first music video production, for my debut single “Invincible”. With barely a workable budget, location, and extras, she was able to help me make it work and produce a clean piece of work!! She was always very professional through our time working, adding many creative tips, ideas, and questions where she could, and went beyond just make-up and photography. Her vibe also left an impression on me and the rest of the talent on our shoot, as she was always so warm and relaxed, even under the deadlines and challenges we had, which made her really easy and exciting to work with. If I could afford her, I would have her at every event and video I’ve had, but one day when I get there, because she really adds more than what she signs up, simply put, she’s truly a lifesaver!!
— Yussuf Migoko, Tennis Champion & Singer

A lot of ambition and well organized! Really easy to collaborate with conceptualizing ideas. Amazing at critical thinking!
— Christopher Kissoon, Photographer & Multimedia Artist

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